Dlaczego warto zgłosić się na WebOps Academy? (Part 2)

Autor: | 20 marca 2017|Blog, WebOps|

Wszystkich uczestników WebOps Academy łaczy przede wszystkim motywacja, żeby rozpocząć zupełnie nową ścieżkę kariery. Z tego wpisu dowiesz się jak oceniają swoją decyzję, aby wziąć udział w kolejnej edycji WOA.

HA everywhere!

Autor: | 4 października 2016|Blog, Techniczne, WebOps|

Currently in Evolve Velocity we’re building Evolve platform in cloud using AWS provider and Centos 7. The whole service is based mostly on our microservices, but we’re also using 3rd party components like Iguana from iNTERFACEWARE Inc. Platform should be accessible 99,99% of the time, and these days High Availability is requirement for any serious and publicly accessible project.

Collecting vShield Edge Gateway logs in Skyscape cloud.

Autor: | 30 maja 2016|Blog, Techniczne, WebOps|

Recently a colleague of mine dropped a piece of work with [WIP] tag "on my desk" and run away to celebrate at company's Kick-Off. Last thing I've heard was: "rsyslog is beating me into submission". Turns out it wasn't rsyslog problem at all! Note: vm is running Centos 6.

Automatically update haproxy config while using Auto Scaling Groups on AWS, using SNS, SQS and Python

Autor: | 30 marca 2016|Blog, WebOps|

AWS offers great functionality with it’s Auto Scaling Groups (ASG), that allow you not to worry about capacity of your infrastructure and leave scaling up and down tasks to Amazon based on criteria you define. ASG manages number of EC2 nodes only, that are being built using image you specify when defining ASG. Depending on infrastructure solution you want to deploy this may or may not be a potential blocker.

Devops friendly application development

Autor: | 2 lutego 2015|Blog, Techniczne, WebOps|

So this post is inspired by my last two years of work, first time both in a Agilish and Devops Environment. I'm not a WebOps guy, but was involved in some minor jobs related too.

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