Migrating your project from JDK 8 to JDK 12 – some useful thoughts

Autor: | 27 czerwca 2019|Blog, Techniczne|

I would like to share my thoughts on our recent big story of the Java upgrade from 8 to 12. It was the first such significant upgrade since the beginning of the project in the middle of 2016.

Keycloak HA setup in multinode Kubernetes cluster

Autor: | 5 czerwca 2019|Blog, Techniczne|

Nowadays supplying Single Sign On mechanisms becomes more and more important for users convenience. Briefly – single user logged into one system can be automatically logged within other applications used across organization (internally and / or externally). As it is very often used in integration of various systems - reliable operation upon bigger load with good performance of this service becomes important. 

Productivity is key! Mouseless programming in practice

Autor: | 15 lutego 2019|Blog, Techniczne|

One of the most crucial things about building software is productivity – we want to deliver new features and make it faster and faster to do so. But what about the productivity of the organic side of building software – i.e. the person who works as the developer?

Npm storage with dockerized Nexus Repo Manager 3

Autor: | 25 stycznia 2018|Blog, Techniczne|

Npm is commonly used software registry and there's a good chance that you're already using it in your project. It allows you to install any of over 600,000 packages and to publish your own. Although it's really popular and useful, there are few things you should consider when using it.

Whale-powered development

Autor: | 12 października 2017|Blog, Techniczne|

First impression and takeaways from using Docker to boost local development environments and CI pipelines.

HA everywhere!

Autor: | 4 października 2016|Blog, Techniczne, WebOps|

Currently in Evolve Velocity we’re building Evolve platform in cloud using AWS provider and Centos 7. The whole service is based mostly on our microservices, but we’re also using 3rd party components like Iguana from iNTERFACEWARE Inc. Platform should be accessible 99,99% of the time, and these days High Availability is requirement for any serious and publicly accessible project.

Animations in the Web: the dev approach – part 1

Autor: | 29 czerwca 2016|Blog, Techniczne|

One of the most anticipated features of CSS3 were animations, which are widely supported in all evergreen browsers. Created for pushing the visual changes back to the CSS stylesheets (from the Javascript code), it’s really easy and fun to use. In this post we will discuss CSS animations from the developer perspective. Let’s start with discussing the syntax.

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