Scrum Guide changes in 2017

Autor: | 9 listopada 2017|Blog, SCRUM|

Here is my view on the 2017 changes in Scrum Guide proposed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland and what they mean for all people using Scrum.

Uncovering Scrum Myths: User Story

Autor: | 18 listopada 2016|Blog, SCRUM|

Are you new in IT industry and scared of some unknown phrases and weird slang? Or you have longstanding experience as a software developer but you want to refresh your knowledge? All reasons to learn something new are good! Let's see what the most common misunderstandings in software development world are these days. All myths needs to be uncovered! At the beginning let's talk about User Story.

What does it mean to be agile?

Autor: | 17 sierpnia 2016|Blog, SCRUM|

So your team is doing Agile development. You adopted Scrum or Kanban, you have dailies, retrospections and other ceremonies. But how agile you and your team truly are?

What are elements of good agile retrospectives?

Autor: | 6 czerwca 2016|Blog, SCRUM|

Agile retrospective is from my perspective the most important scrum event. The team reflects on how everything went and then decides what changes they want to make in the next iteration. The Agile manifesto states: "at regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly." Let’s start from theory in case some of you have never attended one...

Agile teams reporting using Jira API and R language – part 2

Autor: | 26 listopada 2015|Blog, SCRUM|

In previous article I described how to automatically download data from Jira using its REST API, parse it and export into csv file for future use. When you have data it’s time to visualize it! There are many options to visualize table format data. Usually first option is Excel. I chose R language for couple of reasons.

Agile teams reporting using Jira API and R language – part 1

Autor: | 26 listopada 2015|Blog, SCRUM|

A lot of teams in Kainos are using Jira for their development process management and defects management. Jira is very flexible tool, you can have custom process flow and add custom fields to reflect your business needs. Out of the box you will find also simple reports on your team performance. But what if you would like to track some development metrics that are based on custom fields? Or you have many teams and you’d like to aggregate the data and automatically generate reports for all of them with the same format?

5 Scrum values

Autor: | 6 lutego 2015|Blog, SCRUM|

When you first hear about Scrum, you will hear about certain meetings, roles and of course, the idea of Sprint. You will also be led to Agile Manifesto, which is the fundamental for Scrum. This is important knowledge which touches the technical and organisational side of Scrum

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