Would artificial intelligence be able to predict a heart attack?

Autor: | 19 czerwca 2019|Big Data, Blog|

How to predict blood pressure continuously to help doctors in reaction to a heart attack of his patient? How to speed up their response when an endangered person is at this time cycling or running?

Keycloak HA setup in multinode Kubernetes cluster

Autor: | 5 czerwca 2019|Blog, Techniczne|

Nowadays supplying Single Sign On mechanisms becomes more and more important for users convenience. Briefly – single user logged into one system can be automatically logged within other applications used across organization (internally and / or externally). As it is very often used in integration of various systems - reliable operation upon bigger load with good performance of this service becomes important. 

Kainos announces 2018-19 Results

Autor: | 28 maja 2019|Aktualności|

Kainos Group plc (KNOS), a leading UK-based provider of digital services and platforms, is pleased to announce its results for the year ended 31 March 2019.

Joining Kainos as an Agile Team Lead

Autor: | 13 marca 2019|Blog, Zespół|

I’m an Agile Team Lead and I’ve worked at Kainos for a year on the MOT Project at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). If you’d told me a year ago I’d be doing this job on such a huge project, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Productivity is key! Mouseless programming in practice

Autor: | 15 lutego 2019|Blog, Techniczne|

One of the most crucial things about building software is productivity – we want to deliver new features and make it faster and faster to do so. But what about the productivity of the organic side of building software – i.e. the person who works as the developer?

Personal story about the long journey into the world of cyber security

Autor: | 1 lutego 2019|Blog|

For me, everything started just over 4 years ago. A normal day in work. During the standard process of testing I decided to try something else, to experiment a little bit with more sophisticated tests against our web application...

Autor: | 15 stycznia 2019|Aktualności|

On behalf of Kainos Group plc, we would like to express our sincere condolences to family and co-workers of President Paweł Adamowicz who passed away under tragic circumstances.

Kainos wspiera powstanie nowego Instytutu Informatyki Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

Autor: | 16 października 2018|Aktualności|

Nowoczesny budynek Instytutu Informatyki Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego o kubaturze niemal 23 tysięcy metrów sześciennych, wyposażony w najnowszy sprzęt IT, powstaje na terenie Bałtyckiego Kampusu UG w Gdańsku Oliwie. Inwestycja jest dofinansowana w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Pomorskiego na lata 2014-2020, a jej zakończenie zaplanowano w drugiej połowie 2019 roku. 15 października 2018 r. z udziałem zaproszonych gości, przedstawicieli Wydziału Matematyki, Fizyki i Informatyki UG oraz całej społeczności akademickiej UG, odbyło się uroczyste wmurowanie aktu erekcyjnego.

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