An Interview with a HCM Consultant

Autor: | 29 sierpnia 2019|Blog, Workday|

How to go from law degree into tech? Check interview with Columb McLaughlin the Workday HCM Consultant.

Kainos Summer BBQ

Autor: | 23 sierpnia 2019|Aktualności|

Every summer we organize a party for employees and their families. This year Kainos Summer BBQ was held in Hawaiian rhythms. See the report from that day.

Bike this way! From the Kainos office to Cycle Europe 2019

Autor: | 21 sierpnia 2019|Aktualności, Women In Technology|

What do Kainos employees do in their spare time? For example, Anna Liszniańska, our travel associate, took a 1000 km long charity bike ride with The Alina Fundation this summer!  She began in beautiful Vienna, cycled along the Danube - through rural Austria, Slovakia and finished in Poland, in historic Krakow. She’s here to tell us all about this amazing experience.  

What’s new in the Java world? Quarkus framework

Autor: | 8 sierpnia 2019|Blog, Techniczne|

Introduced by Red Hat in early 2019, Quarkus is Java framework with a goal to make Java a leading platform in Kubernetes and serverless. It is cleverly built on top of a number of popular Java libraries and, what is new in its approach, it integrates closely with GraalVM and OpenJDK. This second part – runtime integration – is the main point here.

An interview with a Workday Financials Consultant

Autor: | 15 lipca 2019|Blog, Workday|

In this new interview we chat to our Workday Core Financials Lead Zac, who has recently moved to the States and is working in our Workday Practice there. Find out how he got his first experience with Workday and why Kainos passes his ‘lottery test’!

From tester to business analyst | Women in Tech 

Autor: | 9 lipca 2019|Blog, Women In Technology|

In the first of a series of posts Women in Tech at Kainos Polska, we interviewed Olga Zadlo-Wielewska Senior Business Analyst, who co-creates the Tri-City Testers Group and changed her career path from the tester to becoming a business analyst. We ask about her perspectives and advice for women in Tech.

Praktyczna wiedza, warsztaty i nowy kierunek studiów! Kainos przeprowadził cykl szkoleń dla kadry Instytutu Informatyki

Autor: | 5 lipca 2019|Aktualności|

W czerwcu specjaliści z Kainos przeprowadzili szereg warsztatów dla kadry Instytutu Informatyki z zagadnień dotyczących Big Data, a także Zarządzania projektami IT oraz dyskutowali nad sposobami prowadzenia studenckich projektów informatycznych.Współpraca związana jest z planowanym w roku akademickim 2019/2020 otwarciem nowego kierunku na Uniwersytecie Gdańskim - Informatyka, profil praktyczny.

Migrating your project from JDK 8 to JDK 12 – some useful thoughts

Autor: | 27 czerwca 2019|Blog, Techniczne|

I would like to share my thoughts on our recent big story of the Java upgrade from 8 to 12. It was the first such significant upgrade since the beginning of the project in the middle of 2016.

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