What do Kainos employees do in their spare time? For example, Anna Liszniańska, our travel associate, took a 1000 km long charity bike ride with The Alina Foundation this summer!  She began in beautiful Vienna, cycled along the Danube – through rural Austria, Slovakia and finished in Poland, in historic Krakow. She’s here to tell us all about this amazing experience.

Anna, what is your day-to-day role here, at Kainos?

Daily, I organize foreign and domestic business travel for Kainos colleagues, including booking flights, hotels and apartments. I set up employee relocation arrangements from Poland to other countries in cooperation with the HR department. Every day I also help and support our local employees, here in Gdańsk as well as assist the ones who are currently in delegation.

In your professional work, you organize travels for others. This time you went on a rather unusual trip yourself. Can you tell us something more about the Cycle Poland 2019?

The idea of participating in one of a kind Cycle Europe 2019 was my „thank you” to the people who day in and day out, help create such significantly important places as hospices. My Mum lost her battle with brain cancer few years ago. Towards the end of her time with us, the Puck Hospice took wonderful care of her and our family. Despite the sad and unfortunate situation we were in, the hospice staff made us feel safe and at peace. They worked very hard to keep our mommy comfortable and offered emotional support to each family member.

One day I came across the Alina Foundation and the biking event  that was in the works. I felt in my heart that I had to join in and support this wonderful cause. So I signed up, got a better bike and started training.

Which part was the most difficult for you while checking off those hard kilometres?

Most of our route was in the mountains. We rode about 135 km daily on average. I trained before the ride, but 20 km of constant uphill cycling, in full sun, gave us all a chance to really burn. Fortunately, there were also great reunions as a reward for lower back pain. The essential equipment for each of us was simply cream for bruises and abrasions.

The hardest was day four – when we were getting close  to Bukowina Tatrzańska. I took on one of the heaviest climbs and being exhausted I didn’t manage to unplug the pedals and landed in a ditch. I waited a while, roared, wiped my tears, someone picked me up and I drove on.

The strength you draw from such motivated group of people is something truly amazing. I travelled with wonderful bunch who would not let me give up. The entire time, I was thinking about those sick individuals who fight for every breath. My struggle was for them, so every time the ride was getting impossible, I got a grip and kept pedalling. I couldn’t disappoint people who supported me.

Did you feel the support of your colleagues from Kainos?

Definitely! As soon as I shared information about my participation in rallies for hospices, a lot of people wished me luck and supported the foundations financially. I collected 6000 PLN – the most substantial sum!

Foudation bought a specialized bed for the hospice in Puck, where the nurses and doctors looked after my mother wonderfully. The significant contribution was the money collected by my colleagues at the Charity Bake Sale – Thank youwith all of my heart. The good always comes back around!

The Alina Foundation provides much needed equipment and medication to help hospice patients and their families. Anna Lisznianska took part in their 10th edition of Cycle Europe 2019, where the team of riders from all over the world cycled 1000 km across Europe to raise funds for Polish hospices.

Find out more at www.alinafoundation.org